Alimony Research

Interludium FII is widely skilled in alimony research due to experience in financial intelligence

Alimony investigations have strong similarities with fraud

An ex-partner who is going to live together with a new partner without reporting this to his or her ex. Evidence of this is difficult and takes time. After all, the judge must be convinced that there is indeed cohabitation and not just a friendship with an overnight stay. Therefore you have to prove that there is structural cohabitation over a longer period. The presentation of convincing evidence is essential, thorough investigation is therefore necessary.

By applying efficient and advanced investigation methods we know how to reduce time and research costs significantly. We would like to inform you about our view and results. Obviously, we fully respect absolute discretion.

More and more often we see that ex partners have hidden assets

If these assets are not specified during the divorce, the ex-partner can often claim rights on it.

Not unimportant to know is that in case of death of the ex-partner the children from the dissolved marriage can also claim their percentage of the inheritance.

Thanks to our specialization in the area of ​​financial intelligence, we are able to find 85 to 100% of a person’s assets worldwide.

Even when the person has consciously disappeared, we are usually able to track him or her.

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