The second of FII stands for the intelligence department of our company. This department has a stormy growth. By using our foreign network are we able to unlock research paths that remain, closed for others.

Interludium-FII is specialist consultancy in Asset identification and recovery for:

  • Corporate and private clients

  • Real digital in depth internet investigations.

Internet Intelligence

Wereldwijd leveren wij onze diensten aan overheden, banken en andere financiële instellingen om vermogen te traceren van o.a. belastontduikers, fraudeurs en andere personen. Met behulp van onze contacten, geavanceerde en transparante systemen traceren wij verborgen bankrekeningen, trust, obligaties en overige activa van zowel particulieren als bedrijven. Zelfs in offshore jurisdicties zoals de Britse Maagdeneilanden (BVI), Panama, Luxemburg, Noord-Cyprus, US Marshall Eilanden en Liechtenstein.

Additionele specialiteit is de identificatie en het transparant maken van verborgen vermogensbestanddelen die in echtscheidings- en erfeniszaken aan het zicht van partner, nabestaanden, advocaat en notaris zijn onttrokken.

Ethical hacking

Social engineering

Online background checking

Deep wrap

TOR (Dark web) network investigations

In depth email forensics

Forensic computer research

Preventive company check, hacking risks

Forensic cell phone research

Financial Intelligence

The Interludium-FII network is diverse, its international and its trusted. We have developed a strong reputation in an increasingly competitive market place. We invite you to contact us and allow us to assist you with our unique services.

Our financial investigations are utilised the world over by governments seeking to trace the assets of tax evaders, to bank and financial institutions looking to recover funds that have been misappropriated.

Using a sophisticated a fully transparant technique, we can trace hidden bank accounts, trusts, bonds and financial assets of individuals and corporations. Even in offshore jurisdictions such as the British Virgin Islands (BVI), Panama, Luxembourg, Northern Cyprus, US Marshall Islands and Lichtenstein.

Additional speciality is the identification and transparency of funds hidden from spouse, relatives, lawyer and notary as part of high net worth divorce and inheritance cases.

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